A room without books is like a body without a soul


I don't kneel before my Gods. I dance with them.
3 June 1975
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WEANED!!!! And EBM stash lasted to 1 yr 1 wk 4 dy!

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"Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself." ~Richard Bach

"Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars... and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers - for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are." ~Osho


Let see... vital facts: I'm a nutcase nice, normal person with a wide range of interests (see below). Fairly insane average. I am owned by two monstrous adorable kitties (George and Nyarlathotep) and am married to one of my very dear friends.

I used to be known on LJ as ceardai, but decided to change my journal name, and create a completely new journal, for a variety of reasons. I've also been known online as Ma'at, TiggerNW, Gatelover, lupus_onca, and slashkat. If you remember me and want to chat again, just drop a line. ::smile::

J'étudie le français, ainsi j'ai ajouté plusieurs personnes et communautés comme "d'amis" que je ne peux pas lire encore. Soyez patient avec moi, s'il vous plaît.

If you're f-listed, my address/phone # is lock posted here.

My City of Heroes Characters

I could ramble on forever That's about it.

Oh... and Friending/Defriending/Reciprofriending: I have a large f-list right now and have had to "trim it down" a couple of times already, so I'm no longer automatically friending everyone who friends me ('tis why I unfriends-locked my journal). By the same token, I don't expect everyone I friend to friend me as well. And if I ever get too spammy for you, I never take offense at defriending. ::shrug:: I've had to do the same thing and what's good for the goose is good for the gander and all that.


"Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You cannot get there by bus, only by hard work, risking and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you will discover will be wonderful; yourself."
~Alan Alda (1936 - )

"If you can't say anything good about someone, sit right here by me."
~Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884 - 1980)

"Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations, instead of owned by the folk."
~Henry Jenkins, director of media studies, MIT


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That's really about it. No more caveats. ::grin::

DOOM *~* DOOM *~* DOOM *~* DOOM *~* DOOOOOOOM *~* and Orlando flops.

The Orli comment is a fic reference, don't shoot me please ::smile::

2002-10-30 11:24:30